GIPro internship is not only a program that has given me an opportunity to sharpen my skills on Agriculture, but on the other hand, I see it as a tool for connecting people to their destinies. Work experience is what employers look for, and GIPro has given me an opportunity to get experience on my profession but it has also laid a good platform where I can integrate my Christian values.

Being a Christian is not icing on the cake, but it entails counting the cost. Colossians reminds me that whatever I do, to work at it with all my heart as working for the Lord and not human masters. Having this in mind, I have come to appreciate the importance of seeing God in all things I do, and the center of it all to please Him. For if I live, I live for the lord, and if I die, I die for the lord, for I belong to him.

Things are not easy on the ground, working under KEPHIS which is a regulatory body that ensures the quality of plant material before going to the market has led to my faith tested not once or twice, but every minute is an opportunity for temptations. How many times have I been asked my personal contacts? how many times have I been promised lunch? How many times have I been promised “kitu kidogo?” how many times gifts have been offered to me but I turned them down? It is uncountable. I have remained faithful to my vow to live irreproachable life that pleases God and to administer justice.

My integrity has been challenged and tried many times, but the Lord has remained faithful. This reminds me on date 29 Sep,2021 that I had to make a hard decision of rejecting 9 trucks of lorries that carried seed maize that did not met the quality standards. Though the decision caused farmers to incur extra costs on doing reselection again before delivery, but I am happy for it caused a ripple effect, the news of rejected lorries spread to all growers and the tune had to change. I was quite afraid for the decision for it brought a standstill to the company, I remember one staff shouting, “Unajua Tunaitaji Mbegu.” These words flopped me hard which prompted for an urgent back up from heaven for I never made such decisions before, I headed to the office secretly and made a prayer to God for strength and confidence.

It is my prayer for the remaining months that I will still remain at the cutting edge of justice delivery and to be a letter to be read by the people around me, I have learnt to serve humanity for it is service to God and my service should not be informed by money or salary but to honor my Master. For the only way for us to remain at the place of influence is on how well we do the work given, to sacrifice and to going an extra mile to make it better and this will be my prayer always.

Etole Charles, GIPro Intern- KEPHIS KITALE. Quality Assurance department.

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