Project Description

Public Engagement

  • Advocacy and campaign for important issues of the day through evidence-based research

  • Policy influencing – engage legislators in various committees in parliament whenever a relevant value based issue arises in the process of enacting legislation

  • Equip the legislators how to scrutinize and advocate for bills on important but largely ignored social issues

Empowered public to hold leaders accountable

  • Working with other partners, will develop accountability teams at National, County and Ward levels to facilitate accountability mechanisms and signing covenants between leaders and their communities.

  • Deploy observation teams for national elections.

  • Develop a portal that captures hate/incendiary speech during campaign/ election period.

  • Work with other partners in developing national and county performance management and accountability frameworks.

Servant leadership embraced in every sector of society

  • Re-energize existing, and inspire new, professional groups to inspire, challenge and develop Biblically minded servant leaders for national transformation

  • Celebrate good models of servant leadership through sponsoring a Servant Leader category in existing, high profile awards such as COYA.

Be counted



Re-energize Christian Professional Fellowships at national & county levels

Annual Conference

Annual Conference for Christian Professionals

Talks and Campaigns

HESABIKA Talks and Campaigns on national issues