Project Description

Youth who uphold purity and chastity to marriage
  • Teach biblical values of sexuality at home, church and in schools
  • Engage with education sector to ensure the whole school Value Based Education approach is adopted in the curriculum reform process
  • Roll out “worth the wait” programme among students
  • Lobby for the “worth the wait” programme inclusion in the new national education curriculum.
  • Promote life skills to students in collaboration with other organizations and churches.
  • Develop premarital counseling programs in collaboration with other organizations and churches.
Increased respect for Family Values
  • Support the increase of visibility for pro-life groups and initiative.
  • Train students on the sanctity of life and facilitate sound biblical understanding on preservation of life.
  • Raise awareness on good work-life-family balance
  • Programme where good marriages are modeled
Increased love of country, County and Community and respect for law and order
  • Select a team of crosscutting media practitioners, engage and train them to report on the Hesabika Agenda and have a continuous follow up.
  • Hold countrywide campaigns each year on areas of concern, E.g. Traffic rules and Road Use, Littering, Corruption etc
  • Hold dialogue and Town Hall meetings on pertinent issues facing the nation, the County and specific Community (ensure they are well researched, planned and publicized)
  • Campaign for Kenyans to know and live out our national anthem.

Be counted


Supporting Initiatives

Support FOCUS purity and chastity campaigns and KCPF family initiatives

Music and Arts

Music and Arts campaigns.

Bible Study Materials

ESABIKA Bible Study materials.