“We often forget that the call to Christianity is towards the work of God
wherever we are” 
~ Pastor Calisto, Nairobi Baptist Church

Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world. This is a clear indication that change in Africa is inevitable. The questions we have heard asked by many young Christians are, “What is my role in impacting the Kingdom? “How do I engage?” “How can I use my skills and gifting for great impact in our communities.”

The need to address these questions is why I was first interested in the Hesabika mentorship program.

Having interacted with professionals working in the church and in the corporate world, I believe there is an urgent need for young people to be influencers for the kingdom, not only in the church but in the marketplace, as well.

Then what? Well, personally:

  • My desire is to mentor youths as they choose careers so they learn how to engage our communities through their skills and gifting while sharing the Love of Christ.
  • My goal for the year is to take the lead and pass on what I have learned from the mentorship program to at least 10 young professionals.
  • My dream is a marketplace outreach ministry that will trigger change in our offices, schools, organizations and communities so that Nairobi’s marketplace becomes a hub for receiving and sending Christians who are equipped to impact the city for Christ.

Corporately: As young people, we must re-orient how we interact with and present God to the world. We have to be more intentional about having a transformative Biblical mindset daily. We must win the world back to God’s original intention in all things!

Therefore, let’s equip African youth  with the knowledge on how they can be witnesses of Christ from Monday to Monday without separating their professional skills from ministering in the marketplace!

This post has been written by Gidion Agola, a member of the 2019 Cohort, Hesabika Mentorship Program

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