Adonijah Odinga

BSc. Agricultural Economics and Resource Management, University of Kabianga.


Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), Socioeconomics and Policy development Section – Food Crops Research Centre (FCRC) Kabete


My placement at KALRO ignited a fresh passion for implementing the major lessons I had gained from a series of training sessions since this program began. My leadership skills were promptly brought to surface immediately after my orientation, where I was required to guide four university students who were on their industrial attachment. I was tasked with assigning them duties and ensuring they obtain practical experience. This opportunity provided a positive challenge that brought me up to speed with the operations at a department, which was already undergoing a shortage of staff. It goes without saying how timely my placement in the department was.


It is amazing how time flies so fast when there is a lot at hand to be delivered. In the policy development section, I had an opportunity to go for one-week fieldwork to carry out data collection from farmers practicing beekeeping. This gave me a glimpse into the policy development process which is extrapolated from the analysis of raw data from farmers. I am certain that I am obtaining the best of experience through GIPro to be able to initiate change in our country.

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