HESABIKA is called to serve God and Kenya at a time when the nation is experiencing failure of leadership, breakdown of morals and values, poverty and inequality, corruption, social fragmentation, and injustice. The battle that we face is too fierce for us to fight in our own strength. God has blessed us with many strengths and competencies to equip us. You are one of them.

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The Covenant
Having understood the challenge to no longer be a spectator on the sidelines when the ‘foundations of our nation are collapsing’ (Psalms 11:3), and having prayerfully considered the call to be an agent of transformation for our nation
I covenant to practice and model the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in everything I do. I will not accept or give a bribe or be involved in any form of corruption as an individual or in my corporate responsibilities.
I covenant to pursue excellence in my daily vocation and work as unto God, using my talents and opportunities to bring healing and restoration to a broken world. I will abhor selfish ambition and trust God to help me love Him with all my heart, mind and soul and love my neighbor as I love myself.
I covenant to actively engage in promoting peace, justice, and good governance for the common good. All Kenyans are my brothers and sisters and I will not look down on any of them or discriminate on the basis of age, tribe, gender, race, or religion.
I covenant to promote godly values in all my interactions at personal, family, community, and national levels. I will network with other like-minded people to foster positive change in economic, social and spiritual well being of our nation.
I covenant to be accountable to God, and to at least one other person; mentor and be mentored by others, in order to grow in my commitment to God, my family, and my country.
I covenant to sacrifice time, money, and opportunities in order to promote and serve the Kingdom of God wherever I am, all for the glory of God.
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