6 Strengths

The battle that we face is too fierce for us to fight in our own strength. God has blessed us with many strengths and competencies to equip us. These include:

Legacy of Biblical thinking

We are thankful for our roots in FOCUS from where we have a legacy of leadership biblical discipleship. Our students and graduates are taught to interrogate the issues in society with a Christian mind in order to bring biblical morals and value to bear in every area of life.

A huge network

University students and graduates are to be found in every part of the country and in every profession and level in the society. We have a rich relationship with churches of every denomination. We can mobilize strategic and catalytic partnerships for the transformation of our nation.


Christian students and graduates come from every part of the nation, and are in every profession. We aspire to model regional and gender diversity in all we do. We are also non-aligned politically, and are inter-denominational.

Educated core Constituency

We have a large pool of university and college graduates who are competent in research, communication and writing abilities. These graduates are at every level of society and leadership.

Working with the Youth

Hesabika has inherited a legacy of shaping and developing leaders through the university and college Christian Unions and the graduates (FOCUS Associates’) ministries. There is a huge opportunity for influencing the youth of today to be agents of transformation for the nations.

Social Capital

We are blessed to have developed many leaders of credibility and professionalism in many sectors of this land including churches as well as the marketplace. We can use this strength to challenge existing moral and social failures in our land.


As long as poverty, corruption, failure of leadership, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. Get in touch today and start making the difference.