6 Strategic Priorities

Advocating integrity in leadership

  1. Re-energise Christian Professional Fellowships at national and county levels
  2. Annual Conference for Christian Professionals
  3. HESABIKA Talks and Campaigns on national issues

Promoting excellence in the market place

    1. HESABIKA Leadership Summit – annually in the last quarter where a global leader addresses an important national issue; target is the public and corporate sector.
    2. Christian Business Seminars
    3. Website portal
    4. HESABIKA Bible Study materials.

Upholding positive values and morals

    1. Support FOCUS purity and chastity campaigns
    2. Support KCPF family initiatives
    3. Christians in Media seminars

Combating corruption and negative ethnicity

    1. Annual Campaign around the International Anti-Corruption Day in December – in CUs, Churches and in the Media
    2. HESABIKA Bible Study Materials
    3. Music and Arts campaign

Serving the church in its prophetic role to the nation

      1. Training in Market Place Engagement
      2. Research and Publishing
      3. Theology of Work Project

Mentoring the next generation of leaders

      1. Mentoring of emerging leaders by older Christian professional
      2. Mentorship Curriculum for use by the Churches
      3. HESABIKA Corporate Internship Program
      4. Career Fairs for University and College finalists.


As long as poverty, corruption, failure of leadership, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. Get in touch today and start making the difference.